A Revolutionary Centralized Cloud-Based Platform

Empower physician partners and patients with quick, easy, and secure access to medical data.

Imaging center radiologist reviewing diagnostic imaging and medical imaging on computer

A Hub for Imaging Centers, Patients, and Physicians

MIMIC is an innovative centralized cloud-based platform that reduces storage costs for imaging centers and facilitates secure access to patients’ real-time medical images and reports.

This empowers imaging centers, patients, and physicians to access diagnostic images and reports conveniently from any location at
any time.

What are the Benefits?

Imaging Centers

Lower costs through a cloud-based, PACS compatible storage solution

Increase insurance reimbursement rates through higher quality of radiology patient care

Offer a value-added incentive for your referring physician partners

Provide seamless access for patients to view and download medical images and reports


Improve quality of patient care by providing seamless access to view and download medical images and reports

Easily view and download patients’ diagnostic images and reports to your EHR or PACS system

Access medical images and reports from any location at any time: for in-office or telehealth appointments


Easily view and download medical images and reports

Gain ownership of personal diagnostic images and reports

Compare past and present medical imaging for 2nd and 3rd opinions from any physician in care chain

Provide loved ones with access to support in healthcare management and decisions

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